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Email Services That Deliver

And That's What Really Matters!

When considering an email marketing service if the delivery is terrible then what’s the point, right?

At AltMailere you get dedicated IPs. Why is that important? Other services use what’s known as pool IPs. These IPs are shared by everyone’s account assigned to that pool of IPs.

But like being in a swimming pool if someone pees in the pool it gets on everyone. (We know, gross!)

The same with pool IPs. Someone in the pool who uses poor email sending habits, can ruin the IPs for everyone else in that pool, causing poor email delivery for everyone in that pool of IPs.

With AltMailer  you won't suffer for other people's bad email marketing practices.


Delivery is always a challenge. We ensure you have all the proper settings in place like SPF, DKIM, DMARC, etc. properly configured to give you the best chance of inboxing your subscribers.


Most Autoresponder Services require you to jump through hoops, if they even allow you to import subscribers. Some may require you to re verify your list by sending emails to them to resubscribe to your list. Not with AltMailer. You can import all of your subscribers without having to explain anything to anyone.


We provide you with complete tracking stats for all email campaigns. Track opens, clicks, unsubscribes for every email or autoresponder campaign you setup.


Simple, intuitive and beautiful user interface. Although we provide tutorials, most users don’t need them, because of how well laid out everything is. But don’t be fooled by it’s pretty face. There’s very powerful software under the hood.

Here's a Walkthrough Video of the AltMailer Platform

- Up To 100,000 Emails/Month
- Unlimited Subscribers
- Dedicated IPs
- VIP Support
- Email Marketing Resources & Training



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